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"iSupercell is also amazing at keeping people up to date on magazines, novel release dates, translation dates, and any other SAO related news. Plus her graphics are awesome! She’s really friendly too."

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"Just once more…"

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Yurika | Hitoto

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2013.12.25 - Happy birthday Levi!

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W E  ✩ A R E  I D O L S!

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Oreki + quotes

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mami tomoe || grief syndrome

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The Literary Club and the Classic Literature Club switch clothes

By Rito

Hiroomi: This uniform looks good on you too, Mitsuki.
Mitsuki: Yeah, but it’d be nice if the bodies would switch too.
Akihito: Kuriyama-san, if you don’t have any glasses on you, use these.

Satoshi: There sure are a lot of glasses in here, but…?
Eru: Mayaka-san, you’re so cute!

Permission was granted by the original artist to use this image.